New real-time monitoring on residential PV generation enters Australian market

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Real-time monitoring of the performance of solar PV plants is now on offer to the Australian small-scale PV plant market, with Sungrow Power Supply releasing the new 5 kW product SG5KTL at Clean Energy Week 2012 in Sydney.


This dual MPPT PV inverter is equipped with a WiFi unit which allows its user to monitor the performance of plant at any time and in any location.


The stable power generating status of a residential PV plant is retained via the network data monitoring platform and local EPC. After its debut at the Clean Energy Week Exhibition, MPPT 5 kW PV inverter was officially launched into the Australian market.


The WiFi unit is plug-and-play, and provides access to Sungrow’s professional service platform, SolarInfo Bank, which is an online monitoring system of PV plants for iOS and Android platforms.


Through regular emails delivered in real time, users can receive operating information at any point. The PV system and data monitoring platform are linked by the WiFi signal, and the monitoring network will be formed as long as the user’s mobile phone and the EPC’s computer are connected.


"Smart phones are very common in Australia, and Sungrow is able to provide our local clients with convenient real-time monitoring on account of the WiFi function of our product and the data platform,” said Sungrow.


SG5KTL features a multilingual LCD screen (free to set operating parameters), 97.6 per cent conversion efficiency and IP65 outdoor protection. The product meets all of the requirements of local grid access with its AS4777 and other certificates.